Aaron and Evan finish up Revelation this week, and take a look at the glory of God seen within.

November 20, 2022

S4, E46 - Hosea and Revelation

Aaron and Evan study the book of Hosea, and begin the book of Revelation.

November 13, 2022

S4, E45 - Hope in Ezekiel

Aaron and Evan wrap up the rest of Ezekiel. Don't worry, this week is much more uplifting!

Aaron and Evan make their way through the first half of Ezekiel; discussing the coming fall of Jerusalem, and some of the crazy things Ezekiel was called to do.

This week Aaron and Evan cover about as wide an emotional gap as possible; all the way from weeping over the fall of Jerusalem, to rejoicing in young love.

Aaron and Evan finish up their study of the book of Jeremiah, and see how God offers hope even in the midst of the darkest time.

This week Aaron and Evan dive into the book of Jeremiah and see how even with all of the pain being foretold, God still offers hope.

This week's episode features an interesting contrast between the coming judgement of God found in Jeremiah, with one of the most beautiful stories of redemption found in John.

Aaron and Evan study the books of Ecclesiastes and John. Written by Solomon and John respectively, we see the interesting contrasts of what occupies their thoughts at the end of their lives.

September 25, 2022

S4, E38 - The Last Prophets

Aaron and Evan discuss the final two prophets before Christ, as well as recapping a Psalm that deals with how the people felt about wickedness.

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